I am Jamie Briggs, aged 26, and a full time Lead Developer for the NHS Business Services Authority. I have graduated from Northumbria University with a first class degree in Computer Games Programming (BSc) and with a masters in Advanced Computer Science (MSc).
In my professional job, I create web applications for the NHS, and also for the Department of Health and Social Care. Within my job, I use technologies such as Java Spring Boot 3, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, PostgreSQL and Thymeleaf. I also support others by teaching Spring Boot and trying to push other developers to progress further with their skills. Currently the main areas I work on within my job evolve around the central drug repository and maintaining services which utilise such data.
Although full time I create web applications, I also delve back into games programming by participating in game jams to keep my games programming skills up to date, which I originally learnt during my studies. I mainly use Unity to create games, but I have also used C++ to create a game engine, and also Java for mobile game development.
In my spare time I also play guitar and piano. Usually I learn existing songs, but sometimes I create my own music. In the future I'd like to start recording guitar covers of songs and placing them online for people to view, or even to use themselves to teach themselves a song.
Found on this site is work I have done either in my studies in Computer Games Programming and Advanced Computer Science, public web applications I have developed through work, or just projects I have done in my spare time. I hope the work found within this site will be of interest to whomever stumbles upon my work.
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